2022, revisited

As I write this, there’s all of one day left in the year. And, as of a few hours ago, the last year-end piece I contributed to was published. So consider this a kind of omnibus of all four of them…

At InsideHook…
I wrote about ten books that had especially impressed me over the course of the year. Five works of nonfiction, five works of fiction.
RIYL: keeping your literary bases covered.

At Words Without Borders…
I wrote about a translated book from 2022 that I found particularly compelling, and looked ahead to an anticipated title in translation due out in 2023.
RIYL: hard-to-classify fiction from countries with Alps.

At Tor.com…
I wrote about a trio of genre or genre-adjacent books that I dug this year. Two collections, one novel; one book overlapping with another of my year-end lists.
RIYL: nestled narratives and existential terror.

At Heavy Feather Review…
I wrote about three books on indie presses that particularly impressed me. Two works of nonfiction and one of the most singular apocalyptic novels I’ve ever read.
RIYL: books you’ll be thinking about for a while.

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