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Seattle, 2023

Currently in Seattle, a trip which not coincidentally coincides with this year’s AWP. It’s my first time out here since 2019, and brings to an end the longest stretch I’ve gone without a trip to Washington or Oregon in ages. All of which is to say, it’s nice to be back out here for a…

Read Wolfe Read

Ages ago I picked Gene Wolfe’s Free Live Free for a book group I was in at the time and then utterly failed to read the book when it came time for the discussion of it. Head, meet desk. I’m not sure if the book group still exists or if I accidentally killed it with…

Recent Writing: Early February 2023

I’m very happy to have new writing in the New York Times Book Review – specifically, a look at three books set in New York City. That includes novels by Matthew Salesses and Dan Kois and a memoir by Patrick Bringley. Spoiler: I enjoyed and was impressed by all three. I have a pair of…

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